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This page solely consists of all terms and conditions which must be respected while viewing and surfing on our site. All photograph and videos are used on this website are right protected material. Any disagreement over terms and conditions will make user prohibited from accessing any content on this site.

We hereby testify that all the postures given in the website are described briefly and as per the basic sources about them. However, it is advisable to perform any certain posture in the presence of a known person of yoga. Yogafeed.in had provided information in a healthy manner and must enquire through before the use of any yoga posture. Yogafeed also suggests to carefully read the caution section given in every yoga posture provided.

Reliability of Content:
The content(text, images, videos and audios) provided on Yogafeed.in could include typographical, technical or perception errors. Yogafeed gives no guarantee about the accuracy of the data given on the website and shall be no liability to any compensation in case of any fatigue, ill-health or damage to the user by yoga poses suggested.

Yogafeed solely inherits the rights and power to create, change or remove any content on the website. By using this website will be meant as the consent of the user to this right of yogafeed.in. Any infringement or hacking by any means by the user then will be taken as a serious offence and strict measures will be taken against violators.

User is granted to view, search and download content from the website. However, you may not:

  • Modify the content.
  • Use the content without authorization and permission of yogafeed.in.
  • Remove the logo, copyright notations or other measures from the content.
  • Try to copy 
  • Transfer the content for economic purposes. 
  • Mirror the content on any other website.

This licence will seem to be terminated if try to violate any terms or rules stated, and further actions must be taken upon the user as the infringement of the content copyright act